Why Volunteer

The members of Make A Difference Community are dedicated to eradicating hunger in Australia forever.
It is a social challenge that simply should not exist in our country.

Can you imagine how terrible you would feel not knowing how you were going to feed your family this week?

Now imagine 1,000 plus business owners donating part of their profit from every sale with 100% of the money generated buying food at cost price.
Not wholesale price but absolute cost.
No need for anyone to donate a $1!

We do not need more food charities. There are so many outstanding organisations delivering food and services to people in need.
These charities simply need more fresh and nutritious food to arrive in their warehouses reliably every month.

The initial aim of the Make A Difference Community is to buy an average of 100 tonnes of pasta and rice each month.
This equates to over 9 million meals a year.

Why Volunteer?
Encouraging your employees, clients, prospects and family to volunteer with these amazing charities is critical to eradicating hunger in our country.

The only way to truly connect more of us to solve this problem is to physically contribute.
Only then do people realise so many in our community are enduring tremendous stress worrying about where their food is going to come from.

Each time you spend money with a company that is a member of the Make A Difference Community you will know exactly how many kg’s of food you have funded.
We buy the food and deliver to the food charities.
There is no admin, freight or processing fees.

How to book your volunteering?
Due to Covid challenges we currently have, only 3 different types of volunteering available.

      1.  Check the page for each volunteering opportunity to ensure it is the best fit for you, your team or family.
      2.  Check the “Volunteer Calendar” to see if there is a day and time that suits you.
      3.  Follow the instructions on how to reserve your place.
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